Jamaicans are rich with culture, proud of our accomplishments and community. We're not likely to standby and wait on a solution to a problem. Rather, we confront the problem and identify ways to solve the issue.  Our elementary school system, know as "All Age Schools" was largely founded by community churches and were the genesis of the modern Jamaica school system.  While government resources are made available, these funds are rarely adequate.  Many of these school facilities are quite limited and in need of a wide variety of supplies and teaching materials.  Hospitals, too are many times short on supplies, funding and equipment to provide basic health care.  Through community involvement and outreach programs such as "Mission Jamaica" we can make a difference.  If you'd like to become involved or make contributions to our efforts please visit the links below for more information.   Thanks,

Mission Jamaica

School Supplies

"Together we can all make a Difference"
      Jean Gaynair